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Snake Rails

West Virginia Split Rail is a US Government approved vendor for wood fence products. It’s sawn snake rail fencing (also known as zig zag or Shenandoah stack rail) brings back an era of pre-civil war and adds a rustic charm to any park setting. This product brings back an era of pre-civil war and adds a rustic charm to any park setting.

 Product Summary
West Virginia Split Rail™ found its origin in the tradition of hand split logs into rails.  These were stacked in the style depicted in the picture and found at National Civil War Parks such as Gettysburg.  When you want the historical look and feel of Early America, this is the fence for you.

Today, the product is no longer hand split.  It is sawn, as we do our traditional split rail, except there are no tapers on the end of the rails.  This gives the product the size and shape of the original snake rail fence. 

The Section
The actual length of a section is only 7’ after allowing for the overlap at each end and the angle as it snakes back and forth down the  property line as depicted in the web site pictures.
Rail Description Shipping Weight Average Girth Approx. Size
 Sawn 11' PT  Snake Rail 35 lbs. 12" Triangular
Shipping Specifications:
Snake Rails      100 pcs per unit
15 Units - 1500 pieces.
Recommended Section heights require different  quantities of rails for each section.
Minimum Height - 35” and requires 5  rails per 7’ of linear length section.
Example:  700’ linear is 100 sections, which requires 500 rails.
Standard Height - 42” and requires 6 rails per 7’  of linear length section.
Example: 350’ linear is 50 sections, which requires  300 rails.
Historic Height - 49” and requires 7 rails per 7’ of linear length section
(plus one cross brace rail per section)
Example:   1400’ linear section is 200 sections and requires 8 rails per section for a total of 1600 rails.  
Special reminders when ordering this product and installing:
  • This is a special order item and must be ordered in bundles of 100 pieces
  • It is best to place a 5” x 8” stone pavers or a couple of solid bricks at the joins of each section to hold the bottom rail off of the ground slightly for added service.
  • This fencing has the beauty that has proven itself through the centuries.